Workforce Management Services

Now you can complete your Workforce Management landscape by adding a team of experts to assist with all of your organization’s needs.

Holistic services

WFM is at the nucleus of change in business today. In simple terms, the cadence of change is increasing and placing a greater demand on resilience of the WFM strategy and its inherent ability to maximize the return on the financial investment in payroll. Employees are required to not only physically do more, but also be more flexible in how they are being deployed while embracing and effectively using an unprecedented level of information. Our strategy is to assist our clients with the optimal deployment and utilization of their WFM solutions while maintaining a clear strategic focus on how to extract a positive financial return and deliver tangible value to the business in a sustainable manner. Our services have been designed in collaboration with our clients to specifically align with their WFM journey.

Our team of Kronos Certified Solution Designers dedicated to your success brings significant benefits to your business and alignment to your goals:

SolutionTrac™ - A methodology for speed and quality
TruePosition™ – Evaluate your current state
TrueCourse™ – Create a roadmap for the future
SolutionCenter™ – Design for simplicity, Implement for usability

SolutionCoach™ – Educate to promote long term adoption
SolutionAssist™ - Providing collaborative team support
SolutionAdvance™ - Evolve the solution and exploit new value quickly
SolutionResource™ - Close the resource gap

What do our services include?

We provide thought leadership, strategy, process improvement, implementation, and operational support services to many of the world’s largest private and public sector organizations. Our strength is the excellence of our people and our focus is on our clients. This focus has seen us evolve into a global organization to better support our clients in their respective markets, the world over.

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